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Culture Minister states his commitment to Ulster Scots

Monday, 28 July 2008

Culture Minister Gregory Campbell MP MLA has said that he is committed to the promotion of Ulster-Scots culture, heritage and language.

Speaking at a reception tonight hosted by the Ulster-Scots Heritage Council the Minister said: “After many years of limited resources and insufficient public recognition, I believe that the environment for the promotion of the Ulster-Scots heritage, language and culture is very promising. I am determined to play my part to ensure it is given momentum and direction.

“Funding of the Ulster-Scots Agency has recently been increased quite significantly with a £3m boost to Ulster-Scots funding spread over the next three years. I believe that there is scope to increase this level of funding even further so that all opportunities to celebrate our cultural heritage can be explored.”

The Minister said that he was frustrated by the lack of progress in the establishment of an Ulster-Scots Academy.

He said: “A number of people have, over the past several years, invested a great deal of time and effort in seeking to advance this proposal.

Recently there have been setbacks and this has given rise to some negative publicity and comment.

“Advocates of the Ulster-Scots language care very passionately about cherishing and nurturing this cultural asset. I am, however, very conscious that there is a divergence of views on how best to take forward the language development of Ulster-Scots.

“I want to give purpose and direction to this important enterprise.