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Publication of GP Quality Achievements 2009/10

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey has praised GPs for providing high quality health care services. The Minister was speaking as the latest Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) achievement figures for GP practices in Northern Ireland were published.

The new figures show sustained high achievement for the provision of quality care to patients and directly reflect his determination to drive forward improvements in patient health care in Northern Ireland.

The Minister said: “It is good news that patients in Northern Ireland have again, this year, benefited enormously from their GP practices continuing to deliver high quality services, through the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF).

“GP practices and their staff are to be congratulated for their commitment to the provision of high quality care for their patients.

“Participation in QOF is voluntary on the part of practices. Patients have benefited directly from this investment in primary care and they can look forward to continued improvements in their quality of life.”

Notes to editors:

1. The information is published by the Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety (NI), and is available online:

2. QOF is a system that was introduced on 1 April 2004 as a fundamental part of the new General Medical Services (GMS) contract. It is designed to remunerate general practices for providing good quality care to their patients, and to help fund work to further improve the quality of health care delivered. The QOF is a voluntary part of the new contract. The QOF measures achievement against a range of evidence-based indicators, with points and payments awarded according to the level of achievement. The framework has four main components:

Clinical Standards

Organisational Standards

Patient Experience

Additional Services

The framework was revised for 2006/07 with the addition of new clinical domains and revision of some existing indicators, standards and points. Further revisions were made for 2009/10, including the introduction of nine new indicators, two of which form a new clinical domain, Cardiovascular disease – primary prevention.

3. Despite being a voluntary arrangement, all practices in Northern Ireland have participated in the QOF since its introduction in April 2004. Comparison of achievement across the five years of QOF.

4. Overall achievement:

2009/10 96.2%
2008/09 97.3%
2007/08 98.7%
2006/07 97.8%
2005/06 97.9%
2004/05 94.2%

Achievement in clinical domain:

2009/10 98.0%
2008/09 99.1%
2007/08 98.9%
2006/07 98.1%
2005/06 98.6%
2004/05 95.4%

Achievement in non-clinical domain:

2009/10 92.2%
2008/09 94.0%
2007/08 98.3%
2006/07 97.2%
2005/06 96.7%
2004/05 92.8%

5. Across all general practices, the percentages of available points achieved in the 20 clinical areas in 2009/10 were as follows:

Asthma: 99.1%
Atrial Fibrillation: 99.9%
Cancer: 98.2%
Chronic Kidney Disease: 98.1%
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): 99.0%
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD): 99.8%
Cardiovascular Disease – Primary Prevention: 96.2%
Dementia: 99.7%
Depression: 88.3%
Diabetes: 97.0%
Epilepsy: 96.4%
Heart Failure: 99.5%
Hypertension: 97.5%
Hypothyroidism: 99.8%
Learning Disability: 100%
Mental Health: 97.1%
Obesity: 100%
Palliative Care: 96.5%
Smoking (status recorded for specific conditions): 99.6%
Stroke & Transient Ischaemic Attack: 99.7%

Across all general practices, the percentages of available points achieved in the 3 non-clinical areas in 2009/10 were as follows:

Organisational Indicators: 97.8%
Patient Experience: 79.9%
Additional Services: 96.6%

6. Payments associated with the QOF accounted for £43.8 million of a total £238.6 million invested in general practices in Northern Ireland in 2009/10.

7. Media queries to DHSSPS Press Office on 02890 522841, or out of hours contact the Duty Press Officer via pager number 076 9971 5440 and your call will be returned.