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Duty to bring matters to the attention of the Executive Committee

2.4 Any matter which:-
(i)  cuts across the responsibilities of two or more Ministers;
(ii)  requires agreement on prioritisation;
(iii)  requires the adoption of a common position;
(iv)  has implications for the Programme for Government;
(v)  is significant or controversial and is clearly outside the scope of the agreed programme referred to in paragraph 20 of Strand One of the Agreement;
(vi)  is significant or controversial and which has been determined by the First Minister and deputy First Minister acting jointly to be a matter that should be considered by the Executive Committee; or
(vii)  relates to a proposal to make a determination, designation or scheme for the provision of financial assistance under the Financial Assistance Act (Northern Ireland) 2009
shall be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee by the responsible Minister to be considered by the Committee.
Regarding (i), Ministers should, in particular, note that:-
  • the responsibilities of the First Minister and deputy First Minister include standards in public life, machinery of government (including the Ministerial Code), public appointments policy, EU issues, economic policy, human rights, and equality. Matters under consideration by Northern Ireland Ministers may often cut across these responsibilities.
  • under Government Accounting Northern Ireland, no expenditure can be properly incurred without the approval of the Department of Finance and Personnel.

Determining whether a decision which Ministers wish to take or have taken relates to a matter that ought, by virtue of section 20 (3) or (4) of the Act, to be considered by the Executive Committee.

2.5 Where a Minister or junior Minister wishes the Executive Committee to make such a determination, he or she shall set out in writing the details of the decision taken or to be taken, and why he or she believes it is or is not covered by paragraphs 2.4 (i) to (v) above, and seek the views of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee should normally make a response at its next meeting.