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Programme for Government, Budget and Economic Strategy

The Programme for Government (PFG) sets the strategic context for the Budget, Investment Strategy and Economic Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Programme for Government

The Programme for Government identifies the actions the Executive will take to deliver its number one priority – a vibrant economy which can transform our society while dealing with the deprivation and poverty which has affected some of our communities for generations.


The Budget provides the Executive with an opportunity to improve the lives of people in Northern Ireland by allocating resources to high priority areas and where the additional funds will yield the greatest benefit.

Economic Strategy

The overarching goal of this Strategy is to improve the economic competitiveness of the Northern Ireland economy. The Executive are committed to strengthening our competitiveness through a focus on export led economic growth.

Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland (ISNI) - SIB website

The Investment Strategy identifies priority areas for investment in the years ahead, helps stakeholders in public, private and voluntary sector partners plan for the challenge of delivering the largest ever infrastructure programme.

Economic Growth Bulletin

The Executive are committed to publishing a monthly Economic Growth Bulletin, detailling the status of the Northern Ireland Economy. Access the monthly bulletin at the link below.

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