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Review of Public Administration

In this section you will find information on the Review of Public Administration (RPA).

What is RPA?

The Review of Public Administration was launched by the Northern Ireland Executive in June 2002 with the remit of reviewing the arrangements for the accountability, development, administration and delivery of public services in Northern Ireland.

Which bodies are affected by RPA and which are not?

To find out which NICS and non-NICS bodies are affected by RPA please access the document below. Also available below is a list of bodies that are not affected.

Departmental implementation and progress

Up-to-date information on departmental implementation and progress can be found by contacting the relevant body. Please see below for contact information.

Contact information
Local GovernmentFor updates on local government reform contact the local government reform team on tel 028 9082 3333 or by email email at You can also visit the DOE Local Government Reform website
HealthFor updates on health reform contact: Ray Martin 028 9052 3398
EducationFor updates on education reform contact: Department of Education 028 9127 9279 or Education & Skills Authority Implementation Team 028 9052 3398
LibrariesFor updates on the NI Library Authority Contact: Libraries NI Headquarters 028 9260 6750

RPA Guiding Principles and Code of Practice

The Public Service Commission and the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister have published a compendium which brings together the Guiding Principles, a Code of Practice on Staff Transfers and Guidance Notes to assist the RPA transition and transformation.

Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission was established:

‘To make recommendations to Government on the guiding principles and steps necessary to safeguard the interests of staff and to ensure their smooth transfer to new organisations established as a consequence of Government decisions on the review of public administration, taking into account statutory obligations, including those arising from section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.’

For further information you can visit the Public Service Commission's website at the link below.

List of available RPA publications

A number of reports,research papers, briefing papers and consultations have been published relating to the RPA implementation. Please see below link to download the list of documents available.

If you would like to receive an electronic or hard copy of any report listed please use the contact information below.

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