21 consultations

Strategy for Looked After Children: Improving Children's Lives

Published 09 May 2018ClosedDepartment of Education

Consultation on Attendance at grant aided primary, post primary and special schools

Published 15 September 2017ClosedDepartment of Education

Children and Young People's Strategy 2017 - 2027

Published 19 December 2016ClosedDepartment of Education

DE pupil projections consultation

Published 20 May 2016ClosedDepartment of Education

Miss School = Miss Out: A Strategy for Improving Pupil Attendance

Published 24 March 2016ClosedDepartment of Education

Consultation on proposed changes to the School Meals Statistical Bulletin

Published 07 March 2016ClosedDepartment of Education

Draft Special Educational Needs (SEN) Regulations

Published 22 February 2016ClosedDepartment of Education

Consultation on proposals for the future of the Youth Council

Published 10 November 2015ClosedDepartment of Education

Addressing bullying in schools consultation

Published 21 July 2015ClosedDepartment of Education

General certificate of secondary education (GCSE) grading

Published 20 March 2015ClosedDepartment of Education

Review of Common Funding Scheme

Published 26 June 2013ClosedDepartment of Education

Potential short term changes to GCE A-levels

Published 30 January 2013ClosedDepartment of Education

Teacher Education in a Climate of Change - The Way Forward

Published 01 June 2010ClosedDepartment of Education

Food in schools policy

Published 01 September 2009ClosedDepartment of Education

Updated nutritional standards for schools

Published 30 April 2006ClosedDepartment of Education


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