Draft Programme for Government Framework 2016-21 and Questionnaire

Consultation opened on 27 May 2016. Closing date 22 July 2016.


The Northern Ireland Executive is seeking your views on the draft Programme for Government Framework 2016-21. Also included on this page are the Chart of Outcomes Indicators and Measures; Equality Impact Assessment – Summary of outcomes of screening exercise and a list of Indicators and Senior Responsible Owners. There is also a link to the consultation questionnaire located at the bottom of the page.


Consultation description

The draft Framework contains 14 strategic outcomes which, taken together, set a clear direction of travel and enable continuous improvement on the essential components of societal wellbeing. They touch on every aspect of government, including the attainment of good health and education, economic success and confident and peaceful communities. In addition to merely fulfilling our statutory obligations, we will in future be able to target those things that make real improvements to the quality of life for the citizen.

The outcomes are supported by 42 indicators which are clear statements for change. Each indicator is accompanied by a measure largely derived from existing statistics. These will show how the Executive is performing in relation to the outcomes and will provide a basis to monitor progress and take corrective action.

A key feature of the new Programme is its dependence on collaborative working between organisations and groups, whether in the public, voluntary, or private sectors, and it is a Programme in which individuals and communities can also play an active part. It will require a significant change in approach from that used by previous administrations. The Executive will need to work collectively to deliver this Programme, driving work across boundaries and focusing on the outcomes rather than traditional departmental lines.

The draft Programme for Government Framework reflects the messages that emerged from the extensive stakeholder engagement process which also showed that there is broad support for the approach adopted.

In due course, the Programme for Government Framework will provide the strategic context for other key Executive strategy documents, including the Investment Strategy, the Economic Strategy and an Anti-Poverty/Social Strategy.  The Programme will also inform the development of the Executive’s budget over the course of this mandate and provide a mechanism for ensuring our limited funds are best directed to where they can contribute most.

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