Programme for Government (PfG) 2021

The Executive is committed to developing a long-term, strategic Programme for Government. This is based on a shared and strategic vision for the future which aims to improve wellbeing for all.

Delivering for citizens

It is anticipated that the new Programme for Government will bring a new focus to deliver lasting, real and positive change in people’s lives.

It will build on the Outcomes-based approach that has defined strategic planning across the public sector since 2016, and reflect the messages contained in New Decade New Approach.

Working together

The key not only to the development of the new Outcomes-based PfG, but also its implementation and delivery, is government’s collaboration and teamwork with key stakeholders and partners.

Government does not work in isolation towards solving the wide ranging and long-term issues that relate to education, health, the environment, infrastructure, the economy and beyond.

The Outcomes-based approach means departments think and work outside of their boundaries. They create, or co-design and co-produce, strategies and plans that cut across departments and sectors to tackle societal problems and improve wellbeing for all.

Consultation on draft Outcomes Framework 2021

Between 25 January and 22 March 2021, the Executive held a public consultation on its Programme for Government draft Outcomes Framework.

The draft Framework contains nine strategic Outcomes which, taken together, will set a clear direction of travel for the NI Executive and provide a vision for the future of all citizens.

You can access the consultation documents at the following link:

This page will be kept up to date as the development of the new Programme for Government progresses.

Equality Impact Assessment

The Programme for Government draft Outcomes Framework was subject to an equality screening exercise and an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) was consulted on.

You can access the EQIA consultation documents at the following link:

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