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DFI/2022-0144: Environmental Information Regulations 2004 request for information about Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued for parking in a Disabled persons' bay without displaying a Blue Badge, in: 1) Newtownards & 2) more specifically Regent Street, Newtownards, in

Published 01 June 2022FOI/EIR responsesDepartment for Infrastructure

DFI/2022-0150: Freedom of Information Act 2000 request for details of the 2020 EU Tenders Electronic Daily website tendered DfI Contract for Consultancy Support for the Implementation of a New Regional Planning IT System, including: 1) the KPIs for the contract; 2) detail

Published 01 June 2022FOI/EIR responsesDepartment for Infrastructure

DFI/2022-0154: Environmental Information Regulations 2004 request for a copy of the current DfI/Translink Public Service Agreement (PSA), which forms the basis for the relationship between Translink & the Department for Infrastructure.

Published 01 June 2022FOI/EIR responsesDepartment for Infrastructure

DFI/2022-0155: Environmental Information Regulations 2004 request for copies of all DfI Roads': 1) highway inspection records; 2) defect notices: & 3) records of complaints for the area of 82, Main Street, Newtownards, covering the 2 years prior to an alleged accident

Published 01 June 2022FOI/EIR responsesDepartment for Infrastructure


Published 01 June 2022Corporate reportsDepartment of Health

This bulletin presents the weekly report for Northern Ireland from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey

Published 01 June 2022Statistical reportsDepartment of Health

The Child Funeral Fund (CFF) scheme is intended to provide a one-off lump sum payment of £3,056 to help towards the cost of a basic funeral in the event of the death of a child under the age of 18, and stillborn babies born after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Published 01 June 2022Statistical reportsDepartment for Communities

Child Protection Senior Officials Group (CPSOG) progress report September 2018 to February 2022.

Published 01 June 2022Corporate reportsDepartment of Justice

This privacy notice tells you what to expect us to do with your personal information should you decide to apply for the Civil Service Skills Academy.

Published 01 June 2022NoticesDepartment for the Economy

This Memorandum of Understanding sets out the statutory responsibilities of the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland and the Rail Safety Authority relating to rail safety and acknowledges the need for collaboration to ensure rail safety activities are carried out e

Published 31 May 2022Development plan/frameworkDepartment for Infrastructure

The Child Protection Senior Officials Group (CPSOG) provides strategic direction and a joined up approach to the issue of Child Protection across Northern Ireland.  



Published 31 May 2022Research and analysisDepartment of Education

Travel Survey for Northern Ireland technical report 2020

The TSNI collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.  The technical report is produced annually and contains information on survey methodology as well as the survey questionnaire.  There were significa

Published 31 May 2022Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

The Department has prepared an SEA Scoping Report for the review of Strategic Planning Policy on Renewable & Low Carbon Energy, which issued on 21 June 2022 to the relevant Statutory Consultation Bodies for comment, as appropriate, within 5 weeks.

Published 31 May 2022Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

This circular updates the list of values available on the Learner Management System.

Published 30 May 2022CircularsDepartment for the Economy

Newsletters published providing updates on the project to launch a new Planning Portal in 2022 for 10 of the Councils in Northern Ireland and the Department for Infrastructure (DfI).

Published 30 May 2022NoticesDepartment for Infrastructure

The purpose of this Addendum EPN is to remind employers that changes were made to the process for Ill-Health Retirement (IHR) applications / referrals and appeals which span the alpha transition period and to introduce new MR1s.

Published 30 May 2022NoticesDepartment of Finance

This page contains reports of the findings of any surveys or consultations relating to the Infected Blood Payment Scheme (NI).

Published 30 May 2022Consultation reportsDepartment of Health

FAQ Movement of Product of Animal Origin (POAO) to and from GB and for onward export V2

Published 27 May 2022Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

A three year pilot with the overall aim of assessing the feasibility of using electric vehicles for a community led e-transport scheme on Rathlin Island, for use by residents and visitors, while also increasing awareness of Blue-Green energy across NI.

Published 27 May 2022Impact assessmentsDepartment for Infrastructure

The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) has published the Terms of Reference for the External Independent Review of how the Department dealt with concerns raised in the recent Industrial Tribunal case taken by former DAERA vet Dr Tamara Bronckaer

Published 27 May 2022Independent reportsDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

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