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TG1 competition IRC276623 Trading Standards - number of applications, age of candidates, interviewees

Published 09 September 2022FOI/EIR responsesDepartment of Finance

TG1 competition IRC279030 Electrical Engineering Assistant - experience requirement

Published 09 September 2022FOI/EIR responsesDepartment of Finance

This document sets out and clarifies the role, membership and business etc of the DAERA Departmental Board.

Published 09 September 2022Policy papersDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

The purpose of this report is to present findings from the 2022 review of DE school meals uptake statistics carried out by DE Statistics and Research Team (SRT).

Published 08 September 2022Statistical reportsDepartment of Education

The latest Electricity Consumption and Renewable Generation in Northern Ireland publication was published on 8 September 2022.

Published 08 September 2022Statistical reportsDepartment for the Economy

The Department for Communities (DfC) presents its Social Fund Account which has been prepared in accordance with a direction issued by the Department of Finance (DoF) in pursuance of section 146(4) of the Social Security Administration (NI) Act 1992.

Published 08 September 2022Corporate reportsDepartment for Communities

Guidance for Settings in relation to Children and Young People who Require AGPs

Published 08 September 2022Guidance literatureDepartment of Education

The proposed Statutory Rule introduces new requirements for trustees of certain occupational pension schemes to calculate and disclose a portfolio alignment metric describing the extent to which the scheme’s assets are aligned with the climate change goal of limiting the

Published 08 September 2022Legislation and regulationsDepartment for Communities

In autumn 2021, the Department of Education commissioned the Department of Finance (DoF) Innovation Lab to deliver a Strategic Insight Programme (SIP) to inform the development of the new Executive Childcare Strategy.

Published 07 September 2022CorrespondenceDepartment of Education

A Written Ministerial Statement by Education Minister Michelle McIlveen providing an update on Childcare Strategy developments, including proposal to offer every child in their pre-school year a minimum of 22.5 hours pre-school education per week.

Published 07 September 2022Speeches and statementsDepartment of Education

This section contains financial reporting guidance issued by DoF in 2022. The most recent publication is FD (DoF) 06/22 - Review of Financial Process 2021-22 Dry Run Consolidated Accounts. 

Published 07 September 2022Guidance literatureDepartment of Finance

The Department of Health is seeking to appoint 8 Authority Members to the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA).

Published 07 September 2022FormsDepartment of Health

In fulfilling its obligations under Section 75 the Department is required to equality screen all of its policies and services under consideration to determine whether they should be subject to a full equality impact.

Published 07 September 2022Research and analysisDepartment of Health

The Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS) has been expanded on 1 September 2022 to bring costs related to Brucella ovis testing into the Scheme.

Published 06 September 2022NoticesDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

The Scheme of Emergency Financial Assistance (SEFA) is designed to aid individual householders who have suffered severe inconvenience as a result of internal flooding to their properties.

Published 06 September 2022CircularsDepartment for Communities

This circular provides guidance to schools on managing pupil attendance and on the use of C2k absence codes. 

Published 06 September 2022CircularsDepartment of Education

Roads & Rivers CoPE Procurement Plan 2022/23 for contracts of value exceeding £30k. Rivers Construction contracts are delivered using CPD CoPE

Published 06 September 2022Business plansDepartment for Infrastructure

The online application portal to enable special recognition payments to be made to social care Personal Assistants who worked during the COVID-19 pandemic is closed from 31/07/2022.

Published 05 September 2022CorrespondenceDepartment of Health

Privacy Notice

Published 05 September 2022NoticesDepartment of Health

Each year DAERA must send the European Commission an Annual Implementation Report (AIR) setting out our progress on delivering the Programme. The annual report sets out the progress for the previous calendar year and this progress report will cover the period from 1 

Published 05 September 2022Statistical reportsDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

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