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Application for a licence to prescribe, administer, supply, or authorise the administration or supply of cocaine, diamorphine, or dipipanone

Published 11 August 2009Legislation and regulationsDepartment of Health

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide to accommodation works in relation to land acquisition for roads purposes.

Published 10 August 2009Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide for the use of the publication ‘Guidelines for the Supplementary Load Testing of Bridges’ and provides background information on the guidelines together with information on their applicability in Northern Ireland

Published 10 August 2009Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

The results of the Department of Education’s screening process indicated that the policy does not need to be subjected to a full equality impact assessment. The screening document is available for viewing:

Published 07 August 2009Policy papersDepartment of Education

These statistical bulletins have been produced by the Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland (NI), using data collected by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Published 07 August 2009Statistical reportsDepartment for the Economy

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide related to the laying out, construction, completion and adoption of new streets and the making up and adoption of existing private streets.

Published 06 August 2009Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

Consultation documents - every school a good school - the way forward with special educational needs and inclusion.

Published 06 August 2009Consultation reportsDepartment of Education

Consultation documents - children and young people. 

Published 06 August 2009Consultation reportsDepartment of Education

This document is the prepared Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for the Consultation Document. The purpose of this document is to record the findings of the Equality Impact Assessment. 

Published 05 August 2009Impact assessmentsDepartment of Education

Letters and advice on the regulation of medicines issued 2009

Published 05 August 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Health

DfI Roads memorandum introducing processes to assist in the reduction of waste on construction projects through the use of the ‘Halving Waste Landfill’ initiative.

Published 04 August 2009Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

To consider all available options a scheme assessment was carried out.  This is a three stage procedure, which compares various options based on the government’s five key transport objectives of environment, safety, economy, integration and accessibility.  

Published 01 August 2009Independent reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

Report on the volume of planning applications received and decisions issued in 2008/09. Includes geographic detail at the Local Government District and the Assembly Constituency.

Published 01 August 2009Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

This guide provides background information on the various renewable energy technologies that may come forward in Northern Ireland and is designed to contribute to the development management process.

Published 01 August 2009Guidance literatureDepartment for Infrastructure

This stage 2 report identifies the factors to be taken into account in choosing alternative routes or improvement schemes and to identify the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with those ro

Published 31 July 2009Corporate reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

A workforce learning strategy for the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care services (2009-2014).

Published 29 July 2009Policy papersDepartment of Health

This UK-wide initiative focuses on the 55,000 workforce of scientists who are at the heart of safe and effective healthcare for patients

Published 27 July 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Health

Joint statement by the four UK Health Departments setting out plans in relation to the regulation of clinical physiologists and other healthcare science groups who seek statutory regulation

Published 26 July 2009Speeches and statementsDepartment of Health

The department used the Northern Ireland omnibus survey January 2009 to gauge public opinion on car/van emissions. Questions assessed the potential for behavioural change to reduce car/van emissions and the reason that influenced this change.

Published 23 July 2009Research and analysisDepartment for Infrastructure

Confirmation of details of The Smoking Order with reference to the smoking ban that took effect from 30 April 2007. 

Published 22 July 2009Guidance literatureDepartment for Infrastructure

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