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Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the presence of a part-time 20mph speed limit at schools or school crossing patrols.

Published 22 July 2008Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

An investigation of the biodiversity of six historic parkland sites in Northern Ireland. Historic parklands and ancient wood pastures are rich and complex ecosystems and home to many rare, vulnerable and threatened species.

Published 22 July 2008Research and analysisDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Bats & Development

Published 17 July 2008Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

The aim of this Corporate Plan is to outline the main functions of the Department and its economic priorities.

Published 15 July 2008Business plansDepartment for the Economy

Recommendations from Improving Stroke Services in Northern Ireland consultation.

Published 15 July 2008Policy papersDepartment of Health

The 2008 NI Seat Belt Survey reports on the level of seat belt wearing in Northern Ireland with the majority of this report concentrating on seatbelt wearing rates in cars only.

Published 03 July 2008Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

To consider all available options a scheme assessment was carried out.  This is a three stage procedure, which compares various options based on the government’s five key transport objectives of environment, safety, economy, integration and accessibility.  

Published 01 July 2008Independent reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

Report on the volume of planning applications received and decisions issued in 2006/07. Includes geographic detail at the Local Government District and the Assembly Constituency.

Published 01 July 2008Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

The 'preferred route' is being further developed to provide a specimen design based on the out-of-town option, which will be the subject of comprehensive environmental, economic and engineering assessments. 

Published 30 June 2008MapsDepartment for Infrastructure

Statistics on attendance at museums by young people in Northern Ireland: findings from the 2007 Young Persons' Behaviour and Attitudes Survey.

Published 30 June 2008Statistical reportsDepartment for Communities

This research report assesses school pupils' attitudes and intentions towards further and higher education, training and employment.

Published 30 June 2008Research and analysisDepartment for the Economy

The stage 1 scheme appraisal identifies the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints and concludes in the selection of a number of potential routes or scheme options.

Published 30 June 2008Corporate reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

Independent Review Report of Agency Involvement with Mr Arthur McElhill, Ms Lorraine McGovern and their children - June 2008 - Toner Report.

Published 30 June 2008Independent reportsDepartment of Health

This page lists the current version of MPMNI - contents and glossary

Published 30 June 2008Guidance literatureDepartment of Finance

This circular provides advice on the introduction and transfer of Unique Pupil Numbers in primary schools and special schools.

Published 26 June 2008CircularsDepartment of Education

This quarterly bulletin presents information on vehicle registrations, vehicle and driver testing, use of public transport and deliveries of petroleum in Northern Ireland

Published 26 June 2008Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

The report presents findings of a survey of jobs, where the main features of the jobs are reported by the employees themselves. This “job requirements approach” is an innovative method of measuring skills being used in the Northern lreland economy.

Published 26 June 2008Research and analysisDepartment for the Economy

This circular sets out the arrangements from September 2008 for one additional day per week Principal release time for teaching Principals in small primary schools.

Published 24 June 2008CircularsDepartment of Education

The purpose of this statistical bulletin is to provide analysis of the latest annual collections relating to teacher numbers, teacher vacancies and Pupil : Teacher ratios in grant-aided schools in 2007/08.

Published 24 June 2008Statistical reportsDepartment of Education

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to pedestrian traffic the presence of an approved rural walking route.

Published 23 June 2008Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

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