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Regional policy framework for schools on the use of reasonable force

Published 21 May 2004Guidance literatureDepartment of Education

The design guide generally provides information on the planning context, historical development, description or character appraisal of the area, the designation and guidelines for development proposals.

Published 12 May 2004Guidance literatureDepartment for Infrastructure

The Street Works (NI) Order 1995 gives undertakers responsibility for reinstating the street on completion of their works. This Code of Practice gives practical guidance on procedures for inspections, investigations and reports and on fee arrangements.

Published 07 May 2004Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

The Review of the Offices of the Assembly Ombudsman for Northern Ireland and the Commissioner for Complaints was completed on 30 April 2004. Please see the final report documents attached.

Published 30 April 2004Corporate reportsThe Executive Office

This monitoring report focuses on key achievements during the period 1 April 2003 to 31 March 2004.

Published 29 April 2004Corporate reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

Information leaflet providing advice and guidance in relation to the need for a biosecurity code and how disease spreads as well as how this affects farms.

Published 19 April 2004Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

The purpose of these statistics is to present suspensions and expulsions figures for schools for the 2002/03 academic year. It includes information on the rates of suspension and expulsion and the reason for suspension and expulsion.

Published 01 April 2004Statistical reportsDepartment of Education

Under the Research Agenda 2003-05, DETI commissioned research into the Future Role of Private Services in Northern Ireland. The research was undertaken by the Northern Ireland Economic Research Council (NIERC) and Regional Forecasts Ltd.

Published 01 April 2004Research and analysisDepartment for the Economy

This technical guidance supports the Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) policy on the requirements for site reports in the PPC regime. The policy is designed to improve the overall level of protection of the land on a PPC site and protect it from degradation. 

Published 29 March 2004Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

The Health and Personal Social Services (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2004 - No 140

Published 29 March 2004Guidance literatureDepartment of Health

This quarterly bulletin presents information on vehicle registrations, vehicle and driver testing, use of public transport and deliveries of petroleum in Northern Ireland

Published 25 March 2004Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment presents its annual report and accounts for the financial year 1 April to 31 March. The accounts demonstrate the resources that have been consumed in delivering the Department’s objectives.

Published 24 March 2004Financial plans and reportsDepartment for the Economy

The following issues are dealt with in this letter:-

Published 23 March 2004Guidance literatureDepartment for the Economy

The purpose of this circular is to encourage FE Colleges to
implement policies, which will ensure that the premises for
which they are responsible are smoke-free environments.

Published 16 March 2004CircularsDepartment for the Economy

This Circular provides up-to-date guidance and information, on class sizes in practical subjects, for post-primary schools.

Published 12 March 2004CircularsDepartment of Education

Action plan 2 for Buildsafe NI

Published 11 March 2004Guidance literatureDepartment of Education

Proposals from the Department of Education working group on procedures for the suspension and expulsion of pupils.

Published 10 March 2004Development plan/frameworkDepartment of Education

DfI Roads policy and procedure guide for the disposal of waste and offers guidance on the particular responsibilities placed on staff to comply with the Legislation on “Duty of Care”.

Published 01 March 2004Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

Traffic sign authorisation for signs and road markings for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the entrance to an advisory 20 mph speed limit zone.

Published 26 February 2004Policy papersDepartment for Infrastructure

This circular sets out the arrangements by which sentenced prisoners, coming towards the end of their sentence, may apply for periods of temporary release.

Published 26 February 2004CircularsDepartment of Justice

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