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The 2009 NI Seat Belt Survey reports on the level of seat belt wearing in Northern Ireland with the majority of this report concentrating on seatbelt wearing rates in cars only. 

Published 09 July 2009Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

Letter from the Department of Finance and Personnel to all accreditation schemes.

Published 07 July 2009CircularsDepartment of Finance

2009 circulars for looked after children.

Published 03 July 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Health

The aim of this Operating Plan is to outline the priorities of the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Investment (DETI), the key actions it will undertake, and the outcomes it is seeking to achieve during 2009 to 2010.

Published 02 July 2009Business plansDepartment for the Economy

Use this form to elect to opt out of the teacher pension scheme.

Published 02 July 2009FormsDepartment of Education

This leaflet sets out the information and requirements on the Services Directive, which makes it easier for service providers to set up or offer their services anywhere in the EU.

Published 01 July 2009Guidance literatureDepartment for the Economy

Progress report on the work of the Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment.

Published 30 June 2009Corporate reportsDepartment for Communities

Children and young people with complex physical healthcare needs are a small but growing proportion of those receiving community services from Health and Social Care Trusts and their non-statutory partners.

Published 30 June 2009Policy papersDepartment of Health

The purpose of this circular is to provide advice to Irish medium primary schools and units in relation to the delivery of the statutory revised curriculum.


Published 26 June 2009CircularsDepartment of Education

This quarterly bulletin presents information on vehicle registrations, vehicle and driver testing, use of public transport and deliveries of petroleum in Northern Ireland.

Published 25 June 2009Statistical reportsDepartment for Infrastructure

This strategy document outlines the policy framework within which we will seek to promote and facilitate the recreational and social use of our forests right across the north.

Published 25 June 2009Policy papersDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Application form for Authorisation to dispose of waste agrochemicals to land under The Groundwater Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009 as amended.

Published 25 June 2009FormsDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Use body condition scoring to guide your feeding management pre-mating and throughout pregnancy.

Published 24 June 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

DARD Evidence and Innovation Strategy 2009-2013 describes the overarching framework for all DARD funded research and development in the next 5-10 years to underpin evidence-based policy and delivery and also seeks to promote innovation in agri-food, farming, forestry and

Published 23 June 2009Research and analysisDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Ewe productivity is the single most important factor influencing flock profitability. Today, the key challenge is to improve ewe productivity whilst at the same time reducing the need for human intervention.

Published 23 June 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

These regulations set out the responsibilities of food business operators (including farmers of all types), the standards for premises, plant and product (which are required) and the control systems to be applied to ensure compliance with this legislation.

Published 20 June 2009Legislation and regulationsDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

The Tourism Statistics Branch Statement of Compliance in relation to the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order (Northern Ireland) 2009

Published 18 June 2009Statistical reportsDepartment for the Economy

The Good Practice Guide focuses on active caseload management and aims to improve the efficiency of the planning process and provide greater certainty about timescales in order to achieve our very challenging Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets.

Published 18 June 2009Guidance literatureDepartment for Infrastructure

Why buy Northern Ireland cut flowers and foilage

Published 15 June 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

A region wide multi-agency group from Health and Social Care (HSC) services has worked in partnership with other public and voluntary sector agencies to develop a strategy for bereavement care within the HSC services across Northern Ireland.

Published 15 June 2009Guidance literatureDepartment of Health

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